The shift from incoherence to coherence can bring dramatic effects: a 60-watt light bulb whose light waves could be made coherent as a laser, would have the power to bore a hole through the sun—from 90 million miles away.

-William A. Tille



Looking for somebody to facilitate your next strategic planning session?  Have a team that you’re looking to take to next level, or that you want to ensure are firing on all four cylinders?  Take the time to audit your organization, discover latent potential, and be confident that no money is being left on the table.  Generally, the tools needed to excel already exist within a team…they are simply unable to communicate and act on this knowledge effectively. 

As an intuitive and strategic guide, I am able to facilitate and mediate conversations, accumulate information, and piece together fragments of knowledge, both aligned and misaligned, into a fresh, cohesive framework that is understood and supported by everyone – leaving you assured that your organization is functioning at peak levels.

Though these conversations are often difficult, the level of collaboration and productivity that is reached through them is invaluable, leading directly to increased profitability.


The broadest approach to instill fresh thinking and action within your organization is through communication to a wide audience.

Varying points of view, communication struggles, and attempts to enact change are subjects that people across all different organizations can identify with and learn lessons from.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best:  “Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.” I am blessed with an ability to deliver these lessons in an entertaining, practical way that creates more self-awareness & drives people into action.