“Shasheen has an almost uncanny intuitive sense of what's in the way of achieving a desired state or goal. He also is one of the most strategic thinkers I've met with an ability to forecast potential outcomes quickly and then figure out which way will be most effective for your situation. A very unusual combination, especially so, because he's also business finance savvy!” 


 -Michelle Price , Chief Visionary , A Third Mind New Media 

"Shasheen is master at navigating conversations that produce powerful results. He embodies the idea of ‘new power’ - people getting in touch with what lights them up – and in doing so orchestrates & creates quantum leap breakthroughs for people and companies.” 


 - Kristen Schuerlein, CEO, Affirmagy

“As a consultant Shasheen has a keen eye for detail and business sequencing. He is excellent at identifying solutions that will bolster your current business strategy. If you have found yourself at a plateau in your business growth or you need to breathe new life into your business plan I highly recommend Shasheen's services.” 


-Ed JapNg , Product Development , Digital Coherence Technologies

“Shasheen stretched me, got me out of my box, challenged my conventions and asked me to get honest about what worked and didn't work. The work he did for me as the President of my company was powerful and with his partnership and guidance I clarified my strengths and got back into creative integrity. I would highly recommend Shasheen's work for anyone wanting to create out of the box strategies designed to take the business to the next level.”

- Matthew Ferry, Owner, Matthew Ferry International (formerly Academy of Influence)

“I had the pleasure of knowing Shasheen when he was working at the Academy of Influence as the President of the company. He participated in creating two amazing events that I attended, and I was really impressed with the way he helped the CEO focus his business, and communicate the message of the company to its clients.”

-Mikkel Bondesen , Owner , FUSE entertainment Inc.

Shasheen has a keen understanding of what drives people to do what they do. Shasheen also has a razor sharp wit that allows him to see what others don't.”


- Christopher Rugh, Owner, Custom Tollfree, Purespace.us, 1-800 Good Credit

“Shasheen had an amazing ability to cut through all of my mind clutter and get right down to the issues that were stopping me. I really find Shasheen to be a great asset in my life.”

- Craig Medici, President, Natural Ambience

“From a 1 day strategic planning session followed by 6 months of executive coaching for our team we have exceeded every target that we set during our initial session.

-Robert L, CEO, Pharmaceutical Industry

As the Controller and Senior HR Professional at Polyzen, I'd seen a number of well credentialed consultants come through our doors but, it wasn't until Shasheen came on board that our leadership team began functioning effectively.  Shasheen has the unique ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter and gets all the relevant players invested in finding a solution.  Shasheen is invested in the change and follows the process, making sure no one is dropping the ball."

- Liisa Bozinovic, HR Director, Polyzen Inc, Apex, NC

“Shasheen's coaching gets straight to the point. His insights cut swiftly through your self imposed, limiting beliefs. Opening yourself or your team to that perspective will begin your own transformation towards outcomes at rates and scopes you'd previously only dreamed about.”

- Bernie Maloney, Systems Operation Manager, Hewlett Packard 

“Shasheen is very customer & people oriented person, with a deep and strategic reality view. He has always a positive attitude and he is a clear empathetic person. It has been a pleasure to work with him.” 

- Vanina Murray, Sr. Manager, Accenture